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Every Effort To Preserve And Protect The Earth’s Precious Resources Is Weaved Into Our Philosophy, Our Products And Our Packaging. read more

Cozy Orange Eco-Activewear Apparel | Womens Yoga clothing

Cozy Orange Eco-Activewear Apparel

Cozy Orange, a Southern California based women’s eco-activewear collection produces a gorgeous assortment of earth friendly and sustainable yoga, fitness, and lifestyle apparel. Cozy Orange makes every effort to protect the earth and uses sustainable or recycled goods to produce their materials. Geared towards women with busy lives, our activewear transitions you from the studio to the street in style. Known for its superior comfort, finest fabrics, and versatile looks, Cozy Orange has a superb assortment of yoga pants, running shorts, fitness tanks and everyday sweaters. Our guaranteed fits mean you can spend more time focusing on your hectic schedules and less time fussing with your outfits.

Eco-Active Apparel Designed for EveryBODY

Each piece of Cozy Orange clothing is treated with a highly specialized process during knitting to obtain the line’s signature softness and comfort. Our exclusive, company produced, eco-friendly fabrics are made from recycled materials using environmentally friendly practices. Designed and created with the input of experienced yoga teachers and fitness instructors, all Cozy Orange eco-activewear is rigorously tested for comfort, elasticity, breathability, quick-drying, and performance. The result, a plush, stretchy fabric that Cozy Orange creatively blends with fashion forward designs.

Redefining comfort in yoga & active wear, Cozy Orange’s unique designs are created specifically for a blissful & cozy experience during any yoga practice or workout. Custom features include Adjustable Bra Straps, Lengthened Tops & Chafe-free seams. Each piece is carefully designed for everyBODY, with chafe- free contoured seams & bottoms that feature stylish, tummy-taming waistbands.

Eco Yoga and Activewear Clothing with a Conscience

From products - to- packing, every effort to preserve and protect the earth’s resources is woven into our philosophy and our products. Made from recycled and sustainable fibers, the soft and luxurious Revive Eco Lux Collection takes going green to a new level of natural beauty. Cozy Orange is committed to being “Cozy with a Cause” by donating a portion of all proceeds to World Vision and Water.org, global non-profit programs that enhance lives across the world.Close