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The Essentials of Choosing Proper Yoga Clothing

Yoga Apparel
For those that are practitioners of the ancient meditative exercise of yoga, it is absolutely essential to be ‘at one’ with yourself during a session. This means that you should feel as light and free inside as well as outside. That feeling extends to what you are wearing while pushing and pulling your body into position. At Cozy Orange, we have a dedicated yoga clothing line for women to provide the optimal comfort during a yoga workout. Whether you practice hot yoga or ashanti yoga, we have amassed a collection of yoga clothes that address all of the issues associated with yoga womenswear. Below are some of the guidelines we have provided on our website to maximize the effectiveness of your yoga workout.

The Core of One’s Self

Yoga as a form of exercise is vastly different from other sports or aerobic activities. The mantra of yoga is to listen to your inner voice and the core of your body to align yourself for optimal effect. As such, this process of self-acknowledgment involves being in total harmony from head to toe. Since you want to be as comfortable as possible during this time, Cozy Orange has a range of women’s activewear that promises to be as light as a feather on you during a session. We know from experience and from the advice of yoga experts and enthusiasts that feeling secure in your apparel as well as your class are absolute musts for a workout. Cozy Orange has a line of yoga tank tops that many women would love. Form-fitting and with fabric that breathes and absorbs moisture, it is perfect for a bikram yoga session or for other fitness endeavors such as running. Elastic is another necessity when it comes to yoga activewear. Their line of yoga pants come in three lengths and colors for their customers to choose from. We also produce a line of yoga shorts that are perfect for any type of yoga. A complement to their line of yoga bottoms, Cozy Orange’s yoga tops feature a range of sleeved tops, tanks and jackets. We also offer yoga accessories like headbands and yoga bags. For the latest in yoga apparel, visit their website and take a moment to read about our mission statement and their wide range of yoga gear.

Gratitude and Patience

I write this taking in this cool, dewy morning, looking west, and observing the marine layer/fog that has set in over us in San Diego. Today, I had planned to enjoy a full day at the beach. Despite the cool start to the morning, I am filled with gratitude and patience.

I have been practicing these virtues frequently over the past month. Keyword: practicing. I’m finding that these are often easy traits to practice when we are ready to practice them. However, the time when we’re least ready to practice these virtues is when we need them the most. In our yoga practice, sometimes we get so wrapped up in wanting a dynamically moving, graceful, flowing practice, that we forget that sometimes it takes time to open our bodies, our chakras, and any blockages in the way. Sometimes the holds, yes, even those deep outer hip stretches, are just as juicy as a dynamically moving power practice. With gratitude and patience, we may find our own ways into those advanced postures even without the intention of going there, thus surprising ourselves at times too.

In our everyday lives, it’s easy to separate the time when we practice gratitude and patience vs. when we integrate it into our daily lives to practice it all the time. While it is nice to pause and be grateful, how about adding the challenge of practicing gratitude throughout? Instead of frustration, sense gratitude in traffic as it is forcing you to slow down.

Found that another way to think of “patience” is being present. Often thought of as having to wait or respect time as we practice patience. Being present could be another way to practice patience. Instead of thinking about what’s next on our to-do list while mindlessly accomplishing the current task or what the next big thing is that we are excited about in our lives, it’s being present in the current task or moment that can essential. From a practical standpoint, it is a way to avoid error. From an energy standpoint, it is practicing both gratitude and patience at the same time which can help to ground yourself as well.

Some ways, I’ve been practicing this is writing down 5 things I’m grateful for and 5 things I am excited for. Writing them down (especially the ones I am excited for) helps me to put my thoughts on paper and out of my head and center my energy. The “grateful” list reminds me of the things I appreciate (whether big or little) no matter how the day started. I love lists so this method works for me. What works for you? Would love to hear of other ways.

The Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

If you’re a pregnant woman and looking for ways to maintain your fitness levels while carrying your child, then yoga may be your best bet at staying fit over the course of your pregnancy. As many women that have practiced yoga for years can attest to, yoga during pregnancy can turn into the fitness regimen that they keep for life. Further research has even shown that practicing yoga can help a woman prepare for labor and also help the health of the unborn child. Of course, like with any fitness regimen (and especially if you are pregnant), it is important to consult your physician before embarking on any fitness regimen. Cozy Orange also provides insight into yoga and pregnancy by offering yoga clothing that is designed to dress nearly any woman no matter what her size and shape. Their new fall collection, set to debut in October 2013 will feature a yoga maternity collection designed to support a woman’s changing body during pregnancy. The new collection will feature yoga tanks and foldover yoga pants with a boot cut flare.

Pain Prevention

For women that turn to yoga during pregnancy, the benefits of stretching, breath control and balancing the mind are all great aspects to attain. Through studies conducted over the past years, it has been noted that yoga strengthen the muscles necessary during childbirth as well as improving flexibility and endurance. Many women struggle with back pain when they are pregnant and yoga can be a great way to help align the back and strengthen the core. Yoga during pregnancy also reduces the risk of pre-term labor, hypertension and other correlating health issues that potentially can affect pregnant women. Cozy Orange produces a line of yoga pants with a built in belly band support and is comfortable enough to be worn away from the class and on to the streets.

Clothing for Pregnant Yoginis

Cozy Orange understands that pregnant women also need to maintain a healthy mentality and outlook over the course of their pregnancy and they have answered their call by creating yoga clothing that is perfect for their growing waistlines. Once you have a chance to take a look at our entire selection of yoga clothes, you will find out for yourself how committed they are to giving you the quality you deserve at a price you can afford.

5 Ways to Put Adventure into Therapy

(photo taken by Northwest Perspectives, Hood River, OR)

We explore our natural world everyday but more than likely just in passing. For a brief moment maybe you tune into the feeling of the sun, smell the air, filter through the sounds of your surroundings. And if you live in a big city like I do- you might breathe deeply in those moments, and then move on. Maybe the bustle of work takes you to a yoga class if only for an hour. I imagine this is similar to how many of us maintain our baseline of self-care.

So where do we go to deeply heal from the challenges that life brings? Does it all start as inner work? Or could it be that a physical place or practice that is the catalyst for the refuge and replenishment that our wounds crave? Perhaps it’s through meditation, prayer, or a healer of sorts.

There are many paths to healing; one in particular seems innately powerful. This method of self-care starts at a physical place and transforms into a deeper, mindful connection with life itself. This path of healing is accessible to everyone, and it naturally shifts the perception of humanness: Adventure Therapy.

The amazing thing is that adventure heals the spirit in many forms, and it is within your reach! The positive emotions that come from the challenges of outdoor adventures are ready to be discovered in the adventures that our mind and body yearn for. There are excursions waiting for us in our communities that will no doubt help us to discover abilities, values, and passions in situations that offer excitement and the unexpected.

Start simple:

1) Hike a new trail

2) Go cyacking, paddleboating, surfing , anything in the water!

3) Try rock climbing

4) Go horseback riding

5) Practice Yoga in nature!

In the yoga and wellness community there are a number of wonderful resources that open the door to Adventure Therapy. Here are a few of the organizations that are a wonderful place to begin:

REI- Outdoor School

All Trails

Happy Adventuring!