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The Power of Intention

Jackie Maher

As I have been on my yearlong rock-climbing trip the access of going to yoga classes has dwindled.  I have realized the cost of yoga is too pricey for my lifestyle these days.  However, I have not forgotten the benefit and influence Vinyasa yoga has on my climbing.  I have been practicing yoga long enough that I can put together my own flows, but being motivated to devote the time to practice on my own is hard.  I really enjoy what a teacher brings to my practice.  The creativity, thought, and view they put into their flow is something I truly value.  Being in a class also allows me to focus where if I am practicing on my own, my mind wonders and I often have very short sessions if any at all.

I feel this is something I will always battle.  I also feel the solution is a matter of intent.  To accomplish anything in life you must set the motion of intent.  I have weighted out the value yoga has on my life and almost more importantly my favorite activity of rock climbing.  Yoga helps with balance, flexibility, strength, and breath while on the rock.  Those are very important aspects of climbing, which are always in need of attention no matter how strong of a climber you are.  I hope becoming aware of how yoga influences my climbing and noticing the difference in my movements when I don’t regularly practice yoga will motivate me enough to practice on my own.

I was a high school art teacher for five years, so why not be my own teacher and allow myself to become creative with my own flows?  It is a new challenge I have for myself.  I am lucky enough to have two very close friends who are yoga teachers and I might have to call on them to help inspire my flows until I really become creative on my own.

I am currently out in Bishop, CA a climbing mecca and surrounded by beautiful mountain and desert scenery.  The setting is very inspiring for a quality yoga session and I am now putting the power of intent to work.


Beneficial Yoga at Any Stage

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Yoga for Any Time

From your 20s to your 60s and beyond, yoga can be practiced by any age group. Many women use yoga to complement their fitness regimen, while others gear their yoga sessions to fit all of their exercise goals. Whatever your trajectory is, yoga can be incorporated into your routine to optimize your health. Before you decide on the type of yoga you would like to take up, take a few weeks to familiarize yourself with the many available. You can start at your gym or you may find that there are several yoga centers and studios conveniently located near where you live. Most studios offer classes from beginner to advanced. If you are already relatively fit, you can dive right in to an intermediate classes. Novices and beginners can begin at the lower levels and progress as they like. No matter what type of yoga you decide on, Cozy Orange will be there to provide you with the yoga apparel you need and an informative website to guide you step by step through the process.

Yoga: The Right to Bear Arms!

It wasn’t all that long ago that many women erroneously believed that lifting heavy weights lead to massive, masculine arms. This resulted in many women not lifting weights and only relying on aerobic exercise for fitness. What research has shown over the years, however, is that by lifting your body’s own weight, it is possible to achieve sleek, toned arms that are muscular and feminine simultaneously. Yoga has attained a large following over the last two decades as it has become known as one of the best ways to tone and tighten the entire body without compromising a woman’s curves. At Cozy Orange, we know that women want to look attractive, fit, and feminine. That is why we have produced a line of yoga apparel that addresses all of these concerns. Now more than ever, it is possible to invest in yoga clothing that is functional and fashionable.

Strong Arms, Strong Mind

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