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The Healing Power of A Yoga Mind

Jackie Maher

A few months ago, I took a step back and tripped over my dog. He was running around playing with his brother.
My feet were pushed out from under me and I fell flat on my back. I felt it more than heard it. Pain rushed through my body. I knew I’d broken a rib.
I pulled myself up and felt a shooting pain in my wrist.
There was no car at the house, so I walked the six blocks to the hospital.
After the longest wait ever, they brought me in for xrays.
Yes, I was right. A broken rib in my back and at least three broken bones in my wrist. They said there was too much swelling to know if there were more bones broken.
My first thought was, there goes my yoga practice.
They offered pain meds, which I refused.
I went home with a temporary cast on my wrist and nothing for my ribs.
The first few weeks were horrible. When you have no way to hold your rib when you laugh or cough, it is pretty painful.
I missed my practice. I couldn’t teach.
I felt upset and at a loss.
Then, I thought about what I could do. I knew I couldn’t do asanas, but I could practice with my mind. I pulled out my Yoga Sutras and began reading.
I began to not think about what I couldn’t do. I began to think about what more I could learn.
After about six weeks, I could teach again. I waited eight weeks to practice. Even then, there were poses I steered clear of. I slowly eased back into them all. I still feel some pressure with some, but for the most part, everything is back to normal. I even refreshed my mind with the Sutras.

I guess you do have to look for the silver lining and make the most out of a not so great situation.

Yoga: A Gentler Way to Health

The health benefits from yoga for women have been well documented and its increasing popularity is proof that it is working for millions worldwide. As opposed to lifting weights and running, yoga is easier on the body, offering a full range of motion in a gentler way. Cozy Orange has published informative articles on every aspect of yoga, from yoga apparel to the best types of yoga for expecting mothers. We believe that practicing yoga can help women connect their body and spirit to new heights.

What Yoga Does

Womens Yoga ApparelEveryone naturally assumes that practicing yoga results in increased flexibility and better posture and balance. But what also must be noted is that yoga also tones muscles, improves energy levels, and lowers high blood pressure, along with many more amazing benefits. Reducing stress is one of the keys to living a long and healthy life. Yoga emphasizes the importance of breathing techniques that are meant to calm and reduce tension. When our stress levels are reduced, our body is able to ward off both physical and mental pain.

For many years, yoga was not viewed as a viable form of aerobics. But that conventional thinking has changed. Holding yoga poses (asanas) are effective at getting the heart rate racing. Yoga also maintains strong bone structure. This is important to note as women suffer more from osteoporosis than men. If you suffer from back pain, yoga can also naturally reduce tension by decreasing the pressure with specifically designed positions. Many of the practices in yoga target the spine and core as these areas are considered the main components to overall physical health. Over time, you will notice the marked difference in your body that yoga brings. Cozy Orange strives to address any of the questions you may have about yoga, from yoga apparel to the best yoga asanas for beginners.

Introduction to Energy Infused Yoga

April Laliberte
Yoga has many facets to reveal. One facet might be more prominent than another based on a number of factors including: your ability to adapt and your teacher’s ability to reveal. One facet not well known is the energetic aspect of yoga. This is not to be confused with the “physical intensity” of the practice. The energetic aspect I refer to is the unseen part of what happens to you in your subtle body and in the room, as a result of the yoga.

Yoga is a tool. It is a tool we use to deal with the fluctuations of a crazy world. It is a tool to learn about others; to accept and appreciate differences. It is a tool to understand our lives and better connect with aspects of ourselves as they are forever unfolding. Energy, likewise, can be a tool. It is a tool we can use to deal with emotions, pain and the physical situations in which we find ourselves. It is a tool that can facilitate healing in our bodies. This energy tool can be learned, just like yoga is a learned skill, and energy can thus be directed with our intention.

Yoga practiced with a focus on energy is very powerful “medicine” and it is your birthright. Humanity is ready to learn some of the methods used to direct energy through the vehicle of yoga. Yoga students are ripe for this information since they routinely practice acute focus on different parts of the physical body. There are literally hundreds of ways to use energy as a tool; you need only to learn them and apply them to your life and your yoga practice.

Using, directing and transforming energy is sacred knowledge; just as yoga is sacred knowledge. Yoga has its own language: Sanskrit. Energy teachings also have their own words and terms to describe different situations and levels of existence. For instance, did you know that you are a multidimensional being? Yes, you! The energy that radiates off of your physical body is similar to the infrared spectrum of sunlight, in that it can be categorized into different rays, vibrational frequencies and colors. If you look at the photo that accompanies this blog, you will see an aura photograph of me from several years ago. Human beings are even more bright and energetic than our naked eye processes!

Learning about energy is a process. It takes time to learn, just as your asana practice took time to learn. You had to learn the poses, you had to learn the names, and then, you learned about the muscles that were used, the flexibility that was needed. And now, to continue the unfolding of your yoga–to learn yet another facet of your being, the energetic aspect is waiting to be discovered. It is a whole new world that is exciting, scary and even reveals new pieces of your life that you never noticed.

Have you ever considered that your past lives, energetically imprinted in your body, are affecting your yoga abilities and life? Do you have one exceptionally stiff part of your body that you can’t explain? These and other impediments holding you back can be released with Energy Infused Yoga once you start to use the tools. This is the power of energy work. It is a deeper level of work. It is timeless–the lessons and healing will stay with you literally forever.

Yoga: Better Late Than Never

As we age, it is a fact of life that our bones, joints, and other bodily functions will deteriorate. For many women that choose to pick up yoga, they find that no matter what age group they are in, the effects of regular yoga sessions can be tremendous on both the mind and the body. At Cozy Orange, our customers know that they can turn to us not only for the best in yoga apparel but also for our information that helps maximize the benefits of yoga.

Never Too Late

Womens Yoga ApparelYoga is one of the few physical activities that can be practiced across the entire age spectrum. From toddlers to those in their 80s, yoga can be safe and acceptable for nearly everyone. In fact, for those that suffer from join pain as they age, yoga is a better way to optimize overall health than just about any other form of exercise. Bone density decreases as we age and a persistent yoga practice can slow that natural decline. In essence, yoga helps to stave off aging. For most people, taking a yoga class for just once a week can lead to a dramatic increase in overall health. Many that get started with yoga end up increasing the amount of time they dedicate to it as their confidence levels increase across the board. Further studies have shown that yoga can be a way to increase muscle tone as well as provide proper amounts of aerobic activity. For those that are in the earlier stages of yoga, it is advised to take classes that are at intermediate level at most. Regardless of your level of yoga practice, Cozy Orange has the right yoga apparel for you, and the strives to provide the information necessary to help you get the most out of your yoga practice.