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Yoga Apparel for the Studio or Home

Working out at home or working out at a studio may require different types of yoga apparel. In the privacy of your own home, you can wear just about anything, but if you are in a studio surrounded by other people, you may opt for yoga clothing that is just as fashionable as functional. At Cozy Orange, our line of women’s yoga apparel makes the cut for home or studio. Whether at home in our yoga bottoms or in a studio session in our yoga pants, we provide yoga clothing for women that are ready to wear them at the house, in a studio, or on the streets.

Yoga Apparel Versatile Enough for Any Location

Cozy Orange Yoga Apparel
If yoga is a way of life for you – as it is for millions of women worldwide – probably the most important thing for you is to be able to practice yoga, whether at home or in a studio. There are advantages to either one, but at the end of the day, it is more important to stay true to your workouts and get them in whenever you can. Cozy Orange has a line of yoga apparel that works in both places, and the added bonus with wearing Cozy Orange is that you can leave your home or the studio and still feel comfortable running errands in them. This type of versatility in design is what makes our brand one of the most popular and trusted in the field. Our mission is to satisfy our customer base by producing an impressive yoga clothing line that provides the fit, fashion and form we have become synonymous for. There is a reason why we increases in our repeat customers each year. We know yoga at Cozy Orange!

Yoga Clothing and the Community

Yoga is not only a way of life, but it is also a community. Cozy Orange acknowledges this by providing an interactive website that provides insight to our readers as well as seeking reviews directly from our buyers to know what they want in yoga apparel. Cozy Orange has a site that listens to its readers and succeeds on the promise to bring them quality yoga apparel at affordable prices.

Yoga Apparel: The Right Gear to Take You There

New to the whole yoga fitness craze? Eager to start exercising and freeing your mind while gaining flexibility? Then welcome to yoga and welcome to a way of life for millions of women worldwide. At Cozy Orange, we know that picking up yoga is not just about the exercise, but also about the yoga apparel. We have helped women all over the world find exactly what they need in terms of yoga clothes, yoga techniques, and all the pertinent information they need to completely transform their lives, one session at a time.

The Right Yoga Requires the Right Yoga Apparel

Womens Yoga Apparel

Fortunately for those that practice yoga, it doesn’t take a lot of expensive equipment to get started. A bare bones approach to staying in shape, yoga apparel can be very inexpensive and can be worn for years, especially if bought through Cozy Orange. Our yoga apparel is form fitting, utilizing the latest technology available to ensure that you remain as dry and cool throughout your workout. From ashtanga to bikram – whatever your preference is – we’ve got it covered. If you are a newcomer, there are certain types of yoga techniques that will be easier for you to manoeuvre. For more skilled fitness buffs, there are more advanced techniques to incorporate into your fitness regimen. Whatever you decide, Cozy Orange will be there every step of the way doing what we do best – providing great yoga clothing at an affordable price. If you want to see why we are an industry leader in the field of yoga, simply visit our website and check out for yourself everything we have to offer. Not only do we have yoga clothing that extends from yoga pants and tops to headbands and mats, we also dispense information on our website that is seen by millions of women worldwide. If you cannot find what you are looking for at Cozy Orange, you can always contact us directly. We keep our ear to the streets for our customers and readers.

Bikram Yoga Apparel Advice

Bikram yoga apparel is a big trend these days and it is easy to understand why. For many people – women, in particular – practicing bikram yoga is the perfect way to get a physically demanding workout that combines cardio and weight lifting via your own body weight. Extremely hot temperatures inside the room (up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit) ensure that your body is working overtime to rehydrate you, forcing your body to adapt throughout the session. At Cozy Orange, we understand that bikram yoga requires special yoga clothes and that is exactly what we do. Our line of yoga apparel provides the perfect fit and functionality for such an arduous workout. In our yoga clothes, bikram yoga enthusiasts are assured of total comfort as they sweat and stretch themselves to optimal health.

The Benefits of Specialized Yoga Apparel

Womens Yoga ApparelIf you are wearing the appropriate type of yoga clothes for your workout, they should feel almost melded into you, fitting like a glove and making it easier to move your body through the various range of motion demanded of a bikram session. Our Cozy Orange readers review our yoga apparel for those new to our brand and make it easy for beginners to learn about what we have to offer. From our yoga tops and bras to yoga pants available in three lengths, Cozy Orange is a company that has earned the respect of the women’s yoga apparel market and has cultivated a following with their quality yoga clothing.

Yoga Apparel for Any Type of Session

Cozy Orange produces great yoga clothing for bikram enthusiasts, but we also produce a line suitable for any type of yoga you’re interested in. From hatha to vinyasa, Cozy Orange has many selections that will meet your demands for fashionable yoga apparel. Visit our website today and discover what women worldwide have been saying about Cozy Orange yoga apparel.



Managing this Life One Pen Stroke at a Time

Jackie Maher
My Journaling Story
I love to write with pen and paper. I didn’t grow up with a computer or word processor, so typing doesn’t feel as satisfying to me; I still am a lover to the feel of ink over paper.

I don’t have a “pretty” journal. I feel stifled trying to write my smeary thoughts in something beautiful. I like to write sideways, around corners, in circles and back to front. I write in whatever color I am feeling. I like the “messy” of my journal; I tape notes, prayers and pictures inside the covers and all over it.

My journal is where I keep hopes, fears and wishes. It is my therapist 24/7 and one medium I use to communicate with my Higher Power, the Universal Consciousness. It is “who” I talk to at 3 a.m. when I just need to be heard. It is where some of my most original and mundane ideas are held. My soul needs a dedicated arena to pour out upon, an airing out on the page. Someday I may have a pretty journal with metallic-edged bird wings and weighty pages, but right now my 50 cent composition book is exactly what I need. (I found it in a stack of notebooks in my daughter’s room that was half-used from last years’ school work. I am a crazy recycler and hate waste, so this was a perfect find!)

In my journal, I write what I cannot yet say. I play with language and just “spill.” (Thank you Chives for that term and the freedom to just write!) I don’t worry about spelling or editing-I just unload some days and unpack it other days onto the waiting page.

I doodle sometimes and try not to cross out too much. I ask for what I need and tentatively scribble out my fears until I able to do so in spoken words. It is here that I also get answers from my Higher Intelligence when my pen seems to do the writing itself.

Grab a notebook and let yourself write. Give yourself permission to do whatever you need and write whatever you need to see on paper. Some days my writing starts with, “I don’t know what to write. I feel like a big faker sitting here with my coffee and starting at this page…” And the words almost always find their way out from there. If you are interested in this type of writing, read, Writing Down Your Soul by Janet Conner. It is heavy in spiritual language and for me that works.
If you worry about your journal being found and read, write on plain paper or the back of a printer page then shred it or crunch it up and toss it in the recycle bin. I have asked my family to respect my privacy of my journal and they do. I won’t feel safe to write if I feel like someone is compromising my privacy.

I carry my journal with me in my purse so I can write whenever I need to. Often, I leave a few inches in the margin so I can retrace my thoughts and discover recurrent themes that need more exploring.

Most often, I write first thing in the morning. I make some coffee, say my prayers and light a candle. I love the ritual of these practices, but I also love to write while I am on the bike at the gym with my earphones plugged into my phone or the screen. Usually, I’m not even listening to music; I just like the ear buds to be my “do not disturb” sign.

Rummage thru your junk drawer and find a notebook. I like to pick up a few spares during the “back to school” sales or whenever I see them on clearance.

Start writing and keep going. You will be amazed at what you will see and hear once you start.
Life is Practice; Practice is Life.


Yoga: Any Time, Any Age

The older we get, the more brittle, weak, and torn our bodies become. For those of us that strive for optimal health, it is up to us to turn everything around. No matter what age we are, there are fitness regimens that can be adopted to keep us fit for the life we want to lead. At Cozy Orange, we provide yoga apparel for women from beginner to expert levels. We go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to keeping our customers abreast of the latest trends and practices. With our informative articles, our subscribers never have to go far to get the latest in yoga news or yoga apparel.

Yoga Across the Spectrum of Age

Womens Yoga Apparel
Young or small, fairly fit or buff, the practice of yoga can benefit any fitness level or destination. What many people are finding is that yoga is a great way to stay in shape no matter what age you are. Additionally, it is a low impact workout that is less stressful on the joints and tendons, making it the perfect way to keep firm and tight as we advance in age. Firming up the body and maintaining a strong mind are two great benefits to yoga. These are also a few of the reasons why it has been hailed as a great alternative to lifting heavy weights, or more rigorous training that can have adverse effects on the body. At Cozy Orange, we know that it is not only our yoga apparel that as maintained our reputation as an industry leader. It is our attention to the ins and outs of fitness both in the studio and in principles that has made the difference between being merely a company offering clothing for women. To find out what we are all about and to get the latest news, visit our website today and find out how you can change your life for the better.