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Wanderlusting in LA with Katie Brauer

Jackie Maher

On May 10th, 2014 I made the pilgrimage to Los Angeles for Wanderlust in the City, LA. It is always an honor to be invited to teach and guide at such a spectacular series of events. Wanderlust Festival is a first class operation that brings together the best of Yoga, Music and the Arts for an awe inspiring, heart igniting experience that always leaves me (and I am certain many others) craving more. Dear friend and incredible photographer Micaela Malmi joined me in the voyage north, we scooped our signature favorites from The Lofty Bean in Encinitas (a caramel latte for me and a coconut chai for M) and we were set, the drive was a breeze, until the last 2 miles which literally took an hour. Sigh. This was cutting it awfully close as I was leading class at 3pm and it was now 2.50pm and we were just parking. I sprinted down to the Santa Monica Pier where thousands of Yogis had congregated for this epic event. Gotta love the contrast of LA traffic craziness and the peacefulness of yoga.

Arriving at the Teacher tent I was high fived for making it, a few quick hugs to familiar wanderlust crew and I was quickly mic’d up. Taking some deep breaths to ground, I walked onto stage to check in with the DJ and came to learn he was headed to lunch… I am a music fanatic and I take lots of time putting together playlist that are just the right blend, mix and vibe for what I am cultivating. There was no time, playlist made in 45 seconds. BOOM!

And so it begins, a collective of people consciously coming together to join in the simplicity of movement and breath as community. Every time, whether I am leading a group of 2 or thousands it takes my breath away and melts my heart. Lights me up from the inside and assures me I am living my purpose, my mission is in motion and I am having the time of my life.