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I’m patient, therefore I do yoga?

I'm patient

Recently I told someone I was a yoga teacher and his response was “I wish I had more patience for yoga.” I giggled at this because I don’t know anyone who says “I am patient therefore I can do yoga.” Most of us find ourselves in a yoga studio because we want to develop more patience in our lives.

What is patience? The original meaning of the word patience is “constancy in effort”. A more current definition is: quiet and steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence. Synonyms include self-possession, persistence, and endurance. Everyone possesses these qualities, just not all the time every day. For example, I have a 9 year old daughter, so my patience is tested every day! When I become impatient I have to force myself to take deep breaths and watch my temper. I have to calm my mind down and recognize why am reacting the way I am.

Having patience is allowing yourself to be present in the moment. Letting go of your worries about the past or your anxiety about the future. Does it mean you are happy, free of pain and stress? Not at all. It means you are actively paying attention and responding to what life has challenged you with at that moment. It means that you are not hiding, running away or ignoring what is happening whether it is your child asking you “Why can’t I?” for the tenth time, dealing with a problem at work or at home, or simply doing a yoga pose.

How can yoga help you develop patience? Yoga challenges you to pay attention to your body and breath, how it is feeling and reacting to a pose. You have to be fully present and patient in poses that challenge your strength and flexibility. Learning how to quiet your mind and persevere in your own body can help you develop patience for everyday life.

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear

How do you push yourself when you have an irrational fear creeping in and taking over your mind? I struggle with this daily as a climber. I lead climb and have been working to lead at my physical ability level, but become hung up on the mental aspect of lead climbing. There can be real risks with lead climbing. However, on the routes I have been choosing to push myself the falls are completely clean and safe making my fear utterly irrational. I also top roped this climb clean the first time making clearly showing it is within my ability level.
When fear takes over I notice I am focusing on how every little hold and body movement feels, how strenuous movements are, and how tired my hands, arms, and legs become. I begin to doubt myself and at times even say “no, no I’m not doing this” while continuing to make moves up. When I keep that fear in check I notice I’m not really thinking, I am just climbing.

The most noticeable difference when I compare the different mind states is when I am successful and having fun I am breathing a calm audible breath. I fully believe breath is important in every aspect of life. Calm deep breaths pump oxygen through your body and up to your brain allowing you to control your biggest fears and understanding your current situation from a more rational mindset.
I have been working on my hardest sport lead 11d. Last weekend I one hung it, meaning I fell once on the route, but there is no question in my mind that when I walk up to “going the distance” tomorrow with a confident mindset and focus on my breath, not on my feelings, I will send! Sending will give me confidence allowing me to move on to a climb, which will truly push my strength and ability.
To accomplish a goal is completely worth the hard work, frustration, exhaustion, doubt, fear, and training you put in to challenge yourself!

BACK TO SCHOOL….What’s in Your Bag?

Prepare to Succeed

Back to school season brings about a new year of teachers, students, schedules and possibilities. New clothes, books, paper and pens, packing lunches and coordinating car pools. With the hustle and bustle of organizing and coordinating it can be tough to stay focused and on track with eating healthy and getting to the gym.

Use these simple tricks to help you prepare for success, lead by example, and stay on track to healthy living.

1. Plan for the week ahead- Buying groceries in between soccer practices, car-pooling and work can be a challenge. Planning for the week ahead can save you time in the long run. Think about the types of meals you are going to make, and buy fresh produce for those meals. Tip: Stick with common veggies per week to maximize the use of the produce. This also saves money as it reduces the amount of waste.

2. Prepare once and enjoy some free time- Cut, slice, or chop your vegetables on Sunday evening in preparation for the week ahead. Set them aside in containers for each meal. For example, if you are making salad one night and stir-fry another, you can have the salad prepared in one container and the vegetables for the stir-fry cut and ready in another. Tip: Make a little extra and enjoy it the next day for lunch.

3. Get the family involved- Assembly lines are still used today for a reason. They maximize resources and efficiencies. Have the kids wash or pack up the vegetables so you can get to slicing. Have them help plan the meals and teach them to pick the “prettiest” veggies. Kids love to help, they just sometimes need a bit of direction.

4. Take some time for you- With all of the prep work you do, don’t forget that taking care of yourself results in you taking care of your family. Whether it’s a yoga class, relaxing bath, massage, or just some quiet time, it’s important that you get what you need to reset and refocus. Your family, and body, will thank you.

Sample Shopping List:
-Bell peppers (choose a variety of colors to give the plate a decorative flavor)
-Kale or spinach
-Lemons (great in place of salad dressing)
-Avocado (healthy fats, often referred to as a superfood)
-Chicken (cook once and enjoy it on salad the next day)
-Sugar snap peas (great on salads or eat as a snack)
-Apples (you’ve heard the saying…”An apple a day….”)
-All Natural Almond Butter (great on the apples, another source of healthy fat)
-Quinoa (healthy grain, check out the website for recipes)
-Whole Raw Nuts (healthy fat and protein, great for snack)


Get moving, get happy, get healthy!

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