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Why I Wear Cozy Orange

Why I Wear Cozy Orange

Cozy Orange clothing has impressed me over the past 15 months. The durability and comfort surpasses its competition in my opinion. I have worn this gear for multiple days in a row, on alpine climbs, crack climbing in the desert (basically meaning it is being rubbed against sand paper and it holds up), single pitch climbing, bouldering, while practicing yoga, and just everyday around town moments.

The only piece I have destroyed with my lifestyle is a pair of leggings I wore mountain biking for my first time and a tree stump kind of bit me in the butt…needless to say there is a little hole. Opps!

I absolutely love the feel, it is stretchy and soft, but not low quality where you can see through it, and the waist does not cut off circulation or create the wonderful muffin top. Although some pictures make some of the tops look like cotton sweatshirts the long sleeves are beautiful and have a great cut to them. One of my favorite long sleeves is the Devi Yoga Hoodie. I have found the tops to layer well and dry quickly.

Recently I acquired the Pele Fitted Yoga Pants. I normally am not one for patterned bottoms, but I love these. The fit is great and the pattern is not overwhelming. I receive numerous complements every time I wear them. They are a great pop of color and fun in my wardrobe.

I think my next investment will be the Phoebe Yoga Pullover!!! It looks so cozy and warm with the big neck and wider arms! Perfect for climbing outside in the winter, running around town, or to bundle in on the way to the studio!

Bringing Balance to My Day: My Favorite Yoga Poses

Holiday Meal

The first time I went to yoga; I was searching for a new interest as I went through a rough spot in my life. Intimidated of going to a yoga studio by myself, I decided I had nothing to loose. I ended up having a very kind and welcoming instructor. The workout along with the peaceful break from my day drew me in. I continue to love yoga and have realized the benefit practicing brings to my progress in rock climbing.

Lately my favorite poses are to a move from down dog, lower into plank then to cobra and back to down dog. From there I enjoy moving into pigeon and then to mermaid. I have noticed how nice it is to stretch in pigeon and then activate my legs in mermaid. I find practicing these poses in the morning help bring energy and balance to my day.