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CO Luminary Jackie Stays in the Moment

CO Luminary Jackie Stays in the Moment

Being aware of the now for me means to use my time wisely. I do love cozying up to watch a movie every now and then, but lately I have noticed technology and social media have taken a hold of my attention. In our day technology can be important to understand and be a part of, but I do not feel I am accomplishing or experiencing life when focused on social media entertainment.

As I enter into the New Year my hope is to keep my mind present. I plan to engage more with conversation and laughter, reading, creating, exercise, imagination, and learning. I am a very active and outdoor person and fill my time mainly with rock climbing. I currently live in a house again instead of my Subaru and the down time has been quite an adjustment for me. Living in a place connected to the technological world makes it way to easy to sit around and surf the web. Rest days from climbing are my weakness unless I have something else planned.

Here are some of my go to activities:

Reading – books on my list:

  • Bill Bryson’s A Walk in The Woods
  • Temple Grandin’s Thinking in Pictures
  • Michael Pollan’s The Botany of Desire

Explore the land in my area aside from climbing areas



Drawing/ Photography/Pottery