Cozy Up to Brand Ambassador Danielle S.

CO: How long have you been practicing yoga?

DS: I’ve been practicing yoga for 9 years now :)


CO: Have you discovered a favorite yoga style?

DS: I have definitely discovered a favorite yoga style which would be yogahour.

yogahour is the style I prefer to teach as well as practice. Yogahour is an

accessible, affordable, expertly taught flow class that offers clear and specific

alignment instructions for the fit beginner.


CO: Do you have a consistent, committed, home yoga practice?

DS: I can now say I have a consistent, committed home yoga practice. I really did not

up until about 5 months ago. When students would ask what my home

practice was like, I usually responded with “Netflix and wine.” But now, I really do

get on the mat at home regularly. It isn’t a timed session, meaning some days it’s 5

minutes some days it’s 45 minutes. My aim is to roll out my mat and see what I find.


CO: Do you prefer to be in a studio/gym or outdoors?

DS: I would like to say that I prefer to be outdoors…because the idea is so appealing to me. But every

time I practice outdoors I’m affected by my surroundings. Bugs, wind, rain, allergies, unstable

surface, etc. I have tried practicing at the beach (got sand everywhere) I have tried practicing in the

mountains (bug bites for days) and I have tried practicing in my little backyard space (my puppies

think that’s really fun). So long story, I prefer the studio very much.


CO: Explain what a “healthy lifestyle” means to you and how you apply it to

your everyday routine.

DS: A healthy lifestyle to me means being mindful of my wants and needs. I know the difference

between pushing myself, and exhausting myself. Everyday I check in (by meditation). I only

meditate for 3 to 6 minutes. It’s a time for me to check in and see if anything is really pulling at

me. How am I feeling? Why am I feeling that way? What am I thinking about? What do I need

today? Those questions help me set up a very mindful and in tune day for myself. Understanding

what I truly need (whether it be rest, a hug, some time alone, a good hike, play time with my dogs,

a glass of wine with a girlfriend) is the best way for me to actually provide that for myself.


CO: Have you ever been insecure about practicing in front of a class or with


DS: Of course! Now, no. But when I first began practicing at levels other than beginner,

I was totally intimidated. I had this idea that everyone would notice me and think I

didn’t belong. Or that I was doing something wrong. Or that I looked funny trying.

That could not have been further from the truth. My studio is the most supportive

community in my life.


CO: Who/what inspires you?

DS: Darren Rhodes and Stephani Lindsey. They are my teachers and I am forever in

awe of them and their capacities.


CO: What is your favorite time of day to practice?

DS: Anytime! I go with the flow. Somedays I wake up ready to hit a 7am class or roll

out of bed and get directly on my mat. Other days I’m not feeling it. So I wait until I

do want to practice asana (and somedays that moment never comes). I don’t force

it. I listen to my body and heart and mind. If I truly need to be at home and clean,

or hang out with friends, I do that! “Practice” to me means a lot of things though.

So I think it should be clear that I don’t go to a class everyday, but I do practice. I

meditate (again sometimes for only 3 minutes), I do breath work (pranayama), and

sometimes I roll out my mat and stretch for 5 minutes. It’s important for me to

practice in some way shape or form everyday though. It keeps my aligned with



CO: Any advice for new yogi’s?

DS: Go with a friend! Don’t be nervous! If you’re “not flexible” that’s great! No

really…that’s great. Too much flexibility is actually dangerous for tears and rips in

muscles and connective tissues. A strong yogi is a slightly inflexible one (this is my

opinion). Be mindful of not over doing it. A lot of new students think they have to do

exactly what the instructor says, that’s not true. Let your body be your first

instructor and the teacher be second. Don’t worry about knowing the terminology (I

still don’t know what all the sanskrit words are). Just go with a mindset that it’s only

an hour or so long, have fun with it, and if you absolutely hate it, you never have to

return :)


CO: Finally, tell us a little bit about why you are a Cozy Orange


DS: I am a Cozy Orange representative because I really lucked out. This company has show

me that it is in­fact possible to be successful and consciously kind. I could not imagine

buying active wear from any other company. I love how thoughtful, innovative, supportive,

and uplifting Cozy Orange is. Plus, have you worn their products?? They’re amazing! So

comfortable, affordable, chic and practical! As long as Cozy Orange lets me be a

representative I will be here. I love them oh so very much :)

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