Product Care | Cozy Orange Women's Yoga Clothing

Channel your inner laundry goddess and follow these tips to protect and preserve your Cozy Orange gear.

General Care:

   Machine wash cold with like colors

   Lay off the fabric softeners, it’s already really soft and could damage the fabric’s wicking capabilities

   Do not bleach or use any detergents with bleach

   To dry, let them take a tumble on low heat

   All of our fabrics are pre-shrunk so you won’t experience the post-shrunk shrieks

   Big sigh of relief, no ironing allowed or needed.

Additional Preservation tips:

  • Keep the fabric families together, wash like fabrics with like, such as Supplex® with Supplex® and Recycled Micropolyester with Recycled Micropolyester.

  • Avoid a fabric beat down. Keeps those rough towels, scratchy fabrics and anything with a zipper in a separate wash, away from the soft and cozy fabric families.