Design | Yoga Apparel Design - Comfy Yoga Clothes

Every bit of TLC, yes (Tender Loving Coziness) was put into our designs. Developed with the expert input of some yoga wear lovin’ yoginis, we put our guru hats on to create the most figure flattering, performance enhancing, comfy apparel.

Fits and Features include:

Varying Fits

Because we know all things weren’t exactly created “equal” on us so we designed various fits for everyBODY including:

  • Body hugging
  • Body skimming
  • Relaxed fit

Adjustable Bra Shelf

We busted out a major innovation with this feature! The built-in hooking mechanism adjusts to fit various bust sizes and cleavages, leaving you feeling comfortable and supported during any posture or intensity of workout. You can forget that too-tight-bra-top feeling and also eliminate that post-workout wrestle when trying to peel off a sticky, sweaty top, just simply unhook and comfortably remove!

Thigh Slimming Contours

Our soft-line seams snake along the outer contours of the pant legs, creating an elongated, lean leg line that will have you admiring your goddess pose just a bit longer.

Lengthened Tops

Go ahead and reach for the stars with your next posture! Our lengthened tops offer maximum coverage during those intense stretches and skim the waist to give that perfect hourglass shape.

Waist cinching Waist Bands

Say bye bye muffin top and hello lovely little waist! Our wide waist bands are designed to comfortably flatten and cinch the waist line, offering a snug fit that won’t roll down or ride up during your practice or workout.

Unrestricted Calves

Because there is just nothing worse than a too-tight fit around those already burning calf muscles! We’ve expertly design the pant leg to softly contour around the leg, providing a comfortable pant to help you power through your next mat session.


No need for any post workout ouchies, our smooth, flat-lock seam lines leave you feeling comfortable to strike any pose.

Built-in Pockets

Our pants include a sneaky pocket perfect for storing your credit cards or key.